Traveller Dates

2021/2022 Sailingfast Traveller Series (4 to count from 6 total)

We are currently working on plans for the upcoming 2021/2022 Traveller Series which will typically comprise six events as per recent years. Please watch this page for updates. One of the last events in 2022 will form the Optimist Scottish Championships. This year due to the compressed calendar at many clubs we have only been able to only have 2 events in 2021 and then subsequently plan to have 4 events between April and June 2022 to complete the 6 race series.

2020/2021 Traveller Series

We are pleased to announce that we will manage to run a single event for the 2020/2021 Traveller Series which will be the Scottish Optimist Championship. No other traveller dates have been able to run due to the pandemic restrictions.


2019/2020 SailingFast Traveller Series (4 to count from 6 total)

2019-20 Junior Traveller Series Poster

2019-20 Junior Traveller Series NOS

Results for the 2019/2020 series are here