Traveller Dates

2021/2022 Sailingfast Traveller Series (4 to count from 6 total)

This year due to the compressed calendar at many clubs we have only been able to only have 2 events in 2021 and will then have 4 events between April and June 2022 to complete the 6 race series.

Series Notice of Race

2020/2021 Traveller Series

We are pleased to announce that we will manage to run a single event for the 2020/2021 Traveller Series which will be the Scottish Optimist Championship. No other traveller dates have been able to run due to the pandemic restrictions.


2019/2020 SailingFast Traveller Series (4 to count from 6 total)

2019-20 Junior Traveller Series Poster

2019-20 Junior Traveller Series NOS

Results for the 2019/2020 series are here